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Puppy Training classes - fun and educational! 

Classes are suitable for fully and partially vaccinated puppies under 6 months of age. You will learn in a fun, encouraging, supportive and safe environment with a fully qualified dog trainer where only reward based methods are used - no punitive punishments! The aim of the course is for you, the guardian, to learn how to train your puppy using a variety of different techniques in a relaxed and friendly environment. Whilst you are learning, your pup will be given the opportunity to socialise with other people and puppies and learn how to learn! 

6-week block of 1 hour-long classes

Behaviours that are covered: 

  • Loose lead Walking   

  • Recall  

  • Positioning (Sit, Down, Stand)

  • Touch

  • Retrieve   

  • Leave It

  • Wait            

  • Positions with Stays 

*please note - classes are only suitable for puppies who are comfortable with other puppies/people; they are not designed to help those with fear and those who bark at other puppies*

Details for the next block of classes: 

Where: Dunbar Hall, Old Aberdeen, AB24 3UJ.

When: Tuesday the 21st May

6.15pm: Suitable for puppies aged 4 months and under

7.20pm: Suitable for puppies aged 6 months and under


Cost: £110 per pupster.

How to Book: WhatsApp 07551374106.

Spaces are limited to a maximum of 6 dogs (more than 1 handler is allowed and children are welcome) and fill quickly so get in touch early to book! 

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