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Fun-damental dog training!

Fun-damental dog training is not your average dog training class! 

I wanted to create a dog training class that will help owners of dogs going through adolescence as this can be a very trying time for both dogs and humans. 


This course will heavily focus on Recall and Loose Lead Walking using toys and food as rewards and teaching you how best to not only get but keep your dog's focus and attention on you when in distracting environments.  

Classes are held outdoors in blocks of four; each class is an hour long and the total cost is £120. They are suitable for dogs aged 4 months to 3 years and are located in Bridge of Don.

Dogs must be comfortable around other dogs and people - if you think your dog may be too anxious to attend but feel they would benefit from it, please get in touch.

Behaviours we will focus on:

  • Come

  • Loose Lead Walking/Heel

  • Drop

  • Wait

  • Down

  • Stay

The next block will begin on Saturday the 11th of May. Please note that these are OUTDOOR classes.

Time: 10.30 am

To book: WhatsApp 07551374106

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