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My Philosophy a simple one.....

Play Together
Train Together
Stay Together

All Dogs Go To Erinn has been operating in Aberdeen since 2012.


Erinn, originally from Ireland, came to Aberdeen in 2004 to pursue a degree in Animal Care at the University of Aberdeen. After her third year, she moved back to Ireland to pursue a degree in Veterinary Nursing. Although she had always envisaged a career working with dogs in some capacity, her heart wasn't in nursing. After a year in Ireland, she returned to Aberdeen with her newly adopted dog Lucy, a Labrador/Collie cross, to complete the final year of her honours degree. 


Not long after establishing her dog-walking business, she adopted Rocky. Rocky, a Shepherd/Collie mix was 9 months old at the time and unbeknownst to Erinn, was aggressive to other dogs and men. Not knowing how to help him, she sought advice from trainers and behaviourists, enrolled in several courses on dog aggression and reactivity, and read every book she could find on dog aggression. Now called Jack, Rocky was her inspiration for branching into the wonderful world of dog behaviour. She qualified as a Dog Trainer, receiving full membership to The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers in February 2017. 

Jack now loves men and other dogs and is the first to say hello to everyone on his walks.  


In 2022, Erinn enrolled in a part-time Master's degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour with the University of Edinburgh to fulfill her dream of becoming a Dog Behaviourist. 

Her mission in life is to help other people with problems with their dogs - anything and everything from Basic Obedience to Reactivity or what she calls Over-reactive dogs. This is her speciality as she knows what it's like to own a dog with 'special needs'.

Lucy: 2008-2023


Jack, Lucy & Erinn

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