Training walks

These are designed for those pooches that are struggling on their walks with keeping their cool. Most people are surprised to hear that dogs can have anxiety just like humans and just like humans who are anxious and struggling to cope with their environment, they need help too. Does your dog put the brakes on as soon as you try and get them out the door? Chances are it's not the actual walking part of the walk they don't enjoy - it's what's happening on their walks. It's a myth that all dogs love walks - I've met plenty who really, really don't. But they should! All dogs should love going for a walk. It's the best part of having a dog as a companion - you had visions of the two of you being partners in crime and roaming the streets on 'Cat Patrol' singing the theme tune to Cops....


Instead, you find yourself on high alert for anything that might worry your dog and set him off. Not fun. The bad news is that it then creates a vicious cycle where you are now anxious on your walks which makes your dog more anxious which makes you more get the drift.


The good news is that this can be fixed. We can join you on your normal walk, assess what is going on with your dog and help identify triggers in the environment and come up with an action plan to help you and your dog to cope better. 

A consultation will need to be booked in first and the training walks will then be designed as a follow up program - think of it like hand-holding. We will accompany you on your walks and show you the ropes until you feel confident enough to do it by yourself. 

Training walks are also offered as solo walks for those dogs that aren't suited for group walks. Benefits of these walks are that we can do all the work for you and it can help speed up results. We can put the program into practise and keep you updated on progress.  

M: 07551374106

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